Veridot school pack

Keep your child’s belongings safe with 3,000 microdots.

Protect your child’s belongings with the latest technology!

Items can be marked
Tiny Microdots
Ksh. 4,500/=
Lifetime Investment

Microdots can be applied to your child’s belongings such as laptops, shoes, geometrical set etc in order to assist in their identification and recovery if lost/stolen. Application is as simple as twisting the back of the brush-pen marker to dispense the adhesive containing microdots onto the brush, and then neatly applying this adhesive to various locations on your child’s belongings.

Veridot school pack application video:

This technology is proven. Since 2012, all new cars, motorbikes and trailers sold in South Africa are required by law to incorporate microdot protection. Since then:

An example of a Veridot Vehicle warning sticker:

Do you want to have your car veridotted now?

We have a network of approved fitment centers. Follow the link below or email us at to get microdotted now.