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Have you lost a personal pocession, pet etc...


Have you found an item with a malilock ID?

Malilock helps to match lost items
to its owners at the same time rewarding those
who facilitate the process.

Online Shopping

Search, Select and Buy Tags Online.

At malilock, we make it easy for you to secure your beloved possesion using tags. The first step is to visit our online tag shop at and purchase a prefered type and style of tag.
Next, login/register at and attach the tag ID to an existing item or add a new one if none exist.

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In the unfortunate event that your possession is lost/stolen, just login at and mark/flag that item as lost/stolen. You will be asked to provide additional information to assist in the recovery process.
By default, malilock offers a Ksh. 500 reward for the return of a lost item. The owner can offer to top up the reward amount to a desired figure.
The item will be flagged on all of our platform (Mobile apps, sms and online portal).

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Mobile App

Item found somewhere? No problem.

If a lost item is found somewhere, an individual has the option of calling our toll free number to agree on a mutual collection point for the item. The individual is rewarded on the spot.
Optionally, querying the unique tag id on any of our platforms (mobile apps, sms and online portal) prompts the user to provide his/her contact details so that we can contact him/her on a suitable collection point.


We return it..Free

AS soon as we have possesion of your item, we will contact you immediately to agree on a suitable delivery location, local or international.

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