Veridot household/company Kit

Keep asset thieves at bay with 3,000 microdots.

Protect your company/household with the latest technology!

Items can be marked
Tiny Microdots
Ksh. 4,500/=
Lifetime Investment

Microdots can be applied to your high-value assets such as laptops and jewellery in order to deter thieves and assist in their identification and recovery if stolen. Application is as simple as twisting the back of the brush-pen marker to dispense the adhesive containing microdots onto the brush, and then neatly applying this adhesive to various locations on your assets.

Veridot asset application video:

This technology is proven. Since 2012, all new cars, motorbikes and trailers sold in South Africa are required by law to incorporate microdot protection. Since then:

An example of a Veridot速 Vehicle warning sticker:

Do you want to have your car veridotted now?

We have a network of approved fitment centers. Follow the link below or email us at to get microdotted now.