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Crowdsourcing information to empower potential buyers

With this portal, registered users add their electronic devices and vehicles using the IMEI as the key for electronic devices and chassis number or engine number as the key for vehicles. In the event of a loss, the user simply flags the lost item therefore any potential buyer will be informed of its status. The success of our concept relies on individuals making inquiries on our portal or via sms before making a purchase.
This deters buyers from stolen/lost items
A user can anonymously volunteer information on the wherebouts of spotted lost/stolen items.
This helps in recovery of lost/stolen items

Fast Registration Process

Your names, phone number, email and 30 seconds to spare are the keys to our powerful, scallable and robust portal. We make it quick and easy to secure your property and raise alarms in the unfortunate event of a loss or theft.

Increased Recovery Rate

Through our anonymous and voluntary reporting of wherebouts of lost/stolen items, users have reported an increase in recovery rate especially non trackable items like Laptops and TVs.

Better Collabration

Our Portal has increased the collaboration between owners of items, potential buyers and enforcement officers tasked in recovery of lost/stolen items.

Key Features

Some of MaliLock portal key features are:
  • Online inventory of Items.
  • Instant flagging of lost/stolen items.
  • Realtime information on status of items.
  • Anonymous and voluntary reporting of spotted lost items.
  • Transfer of items between registered users
  • Free inquiries online or via sms
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